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Fewer than 20% of data breaches were identified by victim organizations in 2017. Even worse, nearly 80% of breaches took weeks or more to discover. Beat the status quo and see it all in record time with Fast Orientation.

Easily discover, reason, and respond

Fast Orientation gives you the ability to explore and respond to IT events in real time, allowing you to make informed and timely decisions about security and enterprise operations with confidence.

Tactical meets practical

Ask questions simply, find answers quickly, and discover the unknown. By promoting continuous awareness, our software helps you improve operational health and enterprise security in a powerful and innovative way.

Orient yourself

Develop a natural intuition about your organization's IT environment by understanding how users, applications, and devices regularly (and irregularly) interact.

Find answers quickly

Reason about expectations and perform root cause analysis by sifting quickly through large volumes of data in a simple and effective manner—without learning a new query language.

See the unseen

Explore and pivot among primary event elements so you can better understand significant trends and behaviors or make critical decisions—before it's too late.

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